frozen-keyThe key to protecting your vehicle from the harsh winter weather is the use of an electric heated Powerblanket.   Millions of Americans experience engine freeze & battery loss each year due to extreme weather conditions.

Advances in technology are evident by the number of new and innovative products hitting the market.  GreenHeat Technology, a patented method for heating and thawing, leads the way w/ cutting edge products including their engine warming blanket, motor and batter warmer & equipment blanket.



  • Heat outdoor motors, appliances, equipment
  • Protects machinery, engines, oil rigs, & more
  • 10 blanket sizes to choose from.
  • Only pennies a day to operate!

Electric powerblanket motor warming and equipment heating blankets protect machinery from freezing in cold winter weather. Engineered to keep engine fluids warm, hoses & pipes safe, and machinery tubing from cracking and braking. Thousands of customers use our blankets to protect their outdoor appliances, equipment, and machinery in harsh winter climates. Just roll it out, plug it in, and watch how Powerblanket’s patented heat spreading technology heats and protects on contact.

The Powerblanket is winterproof, water resistant, and virtually indestructible. Keep motors and equipment working all winter long with the Powerblanket.

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