ALL weather protection for engines, motors, equipment, aircraft, and machinery has never been easier! Keep vital fluids, batteries, and hoses ready for operation 24/7.  Avoid frozen and cracked hoses and belts caused by frigid outdoor temperatures!

Powerblanket automotive & equipment warming blankets create the necessary heat barrier to ensure longer engine life and prevent “cold start” wear & tear. Powerblanket is an all-in-one heating solution which effectively replaces separate heating devices for oil pans, blocks, cores, hoses, fluid reservoirs, batteries, and crank cases by heating the entire engine compartment! Sound too good to be true?  Think again!  Powerblanket is great for preheating autos, aircraft, service trucks, snowmobiles, hydraulic / fuel tanks, outdoor machinery, appliances, and heavy construction equipment.

With over 1 million units sold… there has never been an easier, safer, or more reliable way to heat your motors and machinery!

Powerblanket engine heater blankets and motor warming equipment are designed to protect and heat machinery in cold winter weather. Roll it out, plug it in, and Powerblanket quickly delivers a barrier of warmth to temperature sensitive tools, motors, engines, equipment, and shop floors.  If you’ve got a cold weather problem… HEAT IT with a Powerblanket.

RAPID HEAT / RAPID THAW – Extra Hot (High Heat) Blankets Specs & Pricing
(Larger sizes available upon request. Please contact us directly to check on availability.)
Model Number Dimensions
Area Voltage Wattage
(± 5%)
(± 5%)
Weight Price
EH0202 2 x 2 4 sq/ft 120V 95 0.79 3 $283.00
EH0304 3 x 4 12 sq/ft 120V 400 3.33 10 $378.00
EH0509 5 x 9 45 sq/ft 120V 1650 13.75 20 $1134.00

What is the Powerblanket Advantage?

• Extend engine & battery life
• Keep oil & viscous fluids viable
• Heat entire engine compartment
• Reduce Cold-Start wear & tear
• All-in-one heating solution
• Freeze protection for machinery & materials
• 120V, 3.33 Amps, 400 Watts, 10 lbs.
• Certified to UL/CSA/CE safety Standards