Once in a blue moon, a new product hits the market that really catches our eye.  Powerblanket did just that and we can’t keep quiet about it any longer.  Designed around their patented GreenHeat Technology, Powerblanket delivers a knockout punch to cold weather with their new line of Motor Warming and Engine Compartment Heaters.

Powerblanket blends a lightweight design with a uniforming heating mechanism to effectively heat entire engine compartments even on the coldest of nights.  Unlike traditional blanket heaters that use heat tape and are notorious for their hot and cold spots… Powerblanket uses a revolutionary new design that evenly heats the entire blanket surface.. from top to bottom and from side to side.  No more hot and cold spots!  No more cold-start wear and tear on your engine and equipment.


Extra-Hot 2′x2′ Battery Heater…



Extra-Hot 3′x4′ Motor & Eng…



Extra-Hot 5′x9′ Equipment & Shop…


Battery Heaters
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Keeping car batteries warm and dry during cold winter months can be a challenge, even for the experienced mechanic or car enthusiast.  The best product we’ve tested (Hands Down) is the Powerblanket™ Battery heater 2×2 or the ExtraHot 3×4 which we found to be perfectly suited to heating everything under the hood including the battery and engine.  It’s a no brainer!  It heats up quickly and warms batteries and engines to desired tempeatures.

Melt Ice Covered Car
Melt Ice Covered Car



OK… maybe this is a little too extreme. But you get the point. Even this car would do well to have a Powerblanket™ close by. Roll it out, plug it in, and watch Powerblanket™ quickly melt away ice and snow from cars, motors, batteries, and more.

Cold Start Engine
Cold Start Engine

One Powerblanket™ EH0405 will completely eliminate all Cold Start & Cold Battery issues.  Nothing we’ve seen works better at heating and protecting batteries, engines, motors, fluids, equipment, and machinery.  Fix Cold Start Problems and say goodbye to dead and frozen batteries.

Fix Cold Start Batteries

Stop allowing the cold to kill your batteries